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when someone in the distance mentions fall out boy


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Klaine? Above all things I believe in Klaine. Klaine is like oxygen. Klaine is a many splendored thing. Klaine lifts us up where we belong. All you need is Klaine!

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All of Me is so beautiful holy fuck darren stop it with your voice and your perfect please before you break something


i love trying to sing multiple parts of dr horrible

A MAAAN’S GOTTA DO WHAT A MAAAN’S GOTTA DO are you kidd sEEEEMS DESTIN what heist were you watchi ME SAVIN’ YOU stop looking at her like that WHEEEN YOU’RE THE BEST YOU CANT did you notice that he threw you in the garbage? THERE’S ASS NEEDS KICKING SOME TICKING  i stopped the van, the remote control was in my hand!! thE ONLY DOOM THAT’S LOOMING IS YOU LO-WHAAAAATEVER—SO PLEASE GIVE ME A SEC TO CATCH MY BREATH.

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A Deep Analysis of Why One Should Hate Darren Criss


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